Monacor HDVR -186 16 ch HD-SDI Digital Recorder |

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Full HD Video Surveillance with Minimum Installation Effort and Crystal-clear Images
HD-SDI stands for "High Definition Serial Digital Interface". The HD-SDI technology allows you to transmit and record crystal-clear images in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) while still using standard coaxial cables of up to 50 m. With the application of special low-loss coaxial cables, e.g. KHD-1 from MONACOR, cable lengths of up to 170 m can be realised.
This option is a lot more cost-effective than setting up a network infrastructure for a comparable IP solution. The installer will also be pleased about the easy installation, because complex network connections are not required. Furthermore, there is no need for additional components, e.g. switches.
Furthermore, this type of system upgrade is also interesting for companies, authorities or other public facilities whose safety regulations prohibit the use of network cameras in order to prevent external access to the IP network.
Support HD-SDI cameras (resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels)
Video compression: H.264
Network connection, access via Internet Explorer
HDMI™ video output (Full HD 1080p)
VGA output
2 x USB 2.0 interface for exporting data onto a USB flash drive and for connecting a USB mouse
Remote access possible via smartphone apps (RXCamPro, RXCamLink, RXCamLinkHD) for various systems. Please read the notes under Service/Downloads at www.monacor-international.com
Pentaplex operation allows for simultaneous recording, reproduction, archiving, live view and remote access
External backup via eSATA interface
Supplied with infrared remote control and USB mouse
Instruction manual: German, English
Supplied w/o hard disks.
Matching SATA hard disks are available at option, supports 2 x 4 TB.

16-channel HD-SDI digital recorder
8 x alarm input, 1 x alarm output
8 x audio input, 1 x audio output
Recording/reproduction: 1-200 images/s, 12.5 images/s per channel

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