Fostex DMT-8 Portable 8‑Track Digital Multitracker | Nette Staat

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- Fostex DMT-8 Portable 8‑Track Digital Multitracker
- DMT‑8 Features
- 8‑track, 16‑bit/44.1kHz hard disk‑based Multitracker aimed at home recording market
- Internal 540Mb Quantum IDE drive gives 12 minutes of 8‑track, CD quality recording.
- Up to 4 tracks can be recorded simultaneously.
- Full cut/copy/paste editing of all 8 tracks, with Undo facility.
- Jog/Shuttle wheel for precise location of edit points.
- MIDI Clock/Song Position Pointer and MTC outputs let you sync up your sequencer without losing a track to timecode.
- Works as Master, not Slave.
- Tempo maps can be stored, with up to 32 tempo changes.
- Metronome option (via mixer channel 8), based on tempo map.
- Elapsed time display shows absolute time, MTC location, or bars and beats.
- Conventional tape transport, with auto punch‑in/out and locators.
- Optical S/PDIF output (no coaxial S/PDIF out).
- 4 unbalanced mic/line channels.
- 4 line‑only channels.
- 8 secondary channels.
- Stereo buss input for adding a submixer.
- 2‑band sweep EQ.
- 2 centre detented Aux sends, fed from either main or monitor channels.
- Separate outputs for all 8 disk tracks.
- 4 track inputs feeding tracks 1/5, 2/6 etc.
- 2 routable stereo returns

- Incl. Koffer
- 3 maanden garantie

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